Talks & Testimonies

Here are some recommended talks and testimonies that we think will educate and inspire you in the faith:

“180” Movie
Scott Hahn: Why a Protestant Pastor Became Catholic
Scott Hahn’s Journey to Catholicism
Jim Caviezel’s Testimony
John Pridmore’s Story
Sisters of the Immaculata
Leah Libresco: Atheist blogger adopts Catholicism
John Salza: Freemason Converts to Catholicism
Fr. Erik Reichsteig: A Mormon to Catholic Priest
Fr. Jay Kythe: Hindu to Catholic Priest
Fr. John Bartunek: Atheist to Catholic Priest
Daniel Ali: Muslim Convert to Catholic Christianity
100 Stories: Sarah’s Story
Light the Fire: What does Pentecost mean to young people?
100 Stories: Daniel’s Story
Jennifer Fulwiler: How I grew up atheist and ended up Catholic
100 Stories: Laura’s Story
REACHOUT 2014: Rwanda – A Journey of Grace with Damascene Byimira

Video credit:, Bismarck Diocese, The Coming Home Network International, ICDruzina, Christus Rex, EWTN, Defeat Modernism, CNN, Erin B & Living Waters